Call for Journal Presentations

Overview Presentation to Showcase Recent IEEE Journal Papers

Authors of SIP related papers recently published or in-press in an IEEE journal will be given an opportunity to present an overview poster at IEEE ChinaSIP 2013 to showcase their recent work. This is subject to space availability and approval by the Technical Program Chairs of IEEE ChinaSIP 2013.

Eligibility: papers must be SIP related, either published since January 2012 or accepted and in-press on ⁄ before 28 Feb 2013 by an IEEE journal.

Requests to present a recent journal work at IEEE ChinaSIP 2013 must be submitted by 15 Apr 2013. The specific procedure will be described on this page shortly. Do not submit a journal presentation request through the regular IEEE ChinaSIP 2013 paper submission process!

IEEE Journal papers presented at IEEE ChinaSIP 2013 will not be re-published in the IEEE ChinaSIP 2013 proceedings, as they are already published in an IEEE journal and available on the IEEE Xplorer.

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